Mark’s 10 Minute AMRAP – As Many Reps As Possible

AMRAP – As Many Reps As Possible

The point of this workout is to complete as many rounds as possible within the time limit. In this case, each round will consist of 4 exercises, and they should be completed as many times as possible within 10 minutes.

TIME10 minutes


  1. Pushups x5
  2. Mountain Climbers x5/leg
  3. Knee Hugger Sit-ups x5
  4. Squat Jumps  x5

Start the timer, and complete the exercises. Once you complete all 4 exercises, that is 1 round. Repeat the exercises (in the same order) to complete additional rounds. The point is to complete as many rounds as possible within the time limit – in this case, 10 minutes. 


Take breathers, but not breaks. A breather is a short pause to catch your breathe before hitting it again. A break is a long pause in which you stop to take drinks, relax a bit, walk around, etc, etc,. Again, the point is to give it your ALL for 10 minutes, so no breaks. 

If you can’t complete an exercise as demonstrated, try a modified version of it. EXAMPLE: “Cheater” pushups (I hate this term BTW) instead of regular pushups, Beginner mountain climbers, Situps as opposed to knee huggers, and squats as opposed to squat jumps. 

No Matter your level, AMRAP’s can still wear you out because you’re giving it all your effort in such a short amount of time. So good luck, and have fun with it!

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