Episode 1: My Story: The Turning Point – My Mother’s Attempted Suicide


I know not all of us have to watch someone attempt to take their own life. We don’t all get to see from the outside what it looks like to see into their eyes the complete will to die.

What I DO know is, there is so much to be done to prevent this from happening. We don’t become suicidal overnight, it happens gradually over time.  Imbalance, lack of communication, unrealistic expectations of oneself or others.  So many things contribute to the level of emotional distress it takes to drive someone over the edge.

Watching this from the outside, changed how I live my life.  I used to be angry.  I used to be unsympathetic.  One day, I began to feel the same urge to take my own life, and over the course of a long time was finally able to comprehend the steps it takes to get to that place in one’s head.  I was also able to see how one can use this type of experience to fuel the opposite effect… the will to LIVE!  And to live to the FULLEST!  To be ambitious, positive and healthy.

Take a moment, listen to the story.  Maybe then it will start to make sense… I am not self-motivated… I am driven to make a difference…. but it didn’t happen without great trial and adversity.



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  1. Jennifer Jones says:

    Such a powerful, sorrowful, triumphant story. I would have given my right arm to be there for her. So glad you found a way to turn this into a motivating force in your life. But I’m not surprised that you did.


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