Episode 2: Self – Reliance Doesn’t Mean You ONLY Rely on YOURSELF!


It took me a LONG time to learn what Self-Reliance actually meant.  Society paints a picture that we need to be totally independent, and asking others for help shows weakness!  NOT. THE. CASE!

Being Self-Reliant means knowing yourself well enough to know your limits.

It means knowing what you need to regain balance.

It means knowing when to ask for help, or when to say NO.

It means knowing when you have to do something that helps you fill your bucket.

It means having a bucket filled so you can fill another’s.

It means you have taken care of your basic, fundamental needs, and are sensitive enough to recognize when you can help another.

Being self-reliant means you have a greater capacity to LOVE.


When we are finally out of our own fog of ‘survival,’ our sights are clear and we can serve others.  When we see clearly, we can recognize how to help others without them having to fully describe how they need help.  When we have this capacity for love, we can help lift another’s burdens.  THIS is why we are here. If you are so busy you can’t think straight, I GUARANTEE there is a way to eliminate things in your life so you can take the time you need for YOU, and then you can finally be there for the ones you LOVE!


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  1. Katey says:

    This is so true. If we believe that self-reliance means to never ask for help, we would never be able to help others. Self-reliance a very important balance of give and take. It’s possible to be independent and still admit that we aren’t perfect and need a helping hand. 🙂

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    1. fitmomashley says:

      You got it!! It is such a tricky balance to find, and there are a lot of hurdles and failures along the way for sure! I love how liberating it feels to finally admit when you’ve reached a limit, or when you allow yourself to make changes in an effort to rebalance yourself.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Katey says:

        Yes, exactly right. In doing so, you are letting yourself grow. We can learn so much from others, and vise-versa. 🙂

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