Plant Based Week Meal Plan

I am not 100% vegan or plant based, but I try to always stray closer to this way of eating than any other! Especially when pregnant! So I took the liberty of planning out a weeks worth of meals on a spreadsheet instead of on paper. This is what it looked like. 

This contained my workout goals, water intake goals and nutrition goals for the week based on the 21 Day Fix (actually Hammer and Chisel) meal plan, I added in an extra fruit container. So I have 

5 servings of veggies per day, 

4 (instead of 3) servings of fruit, 

5 servings of protein, 

3 servings of fruit (4 if I’m feeling low on energy), 

1 serving of healthy fats,

1 serving of dressing (2 T).

5 Teaspoons of oil/nut butters. 
This is generally really easy to prep for if you have ALL THE INGREDIENTS!! We had to improvise when we didn’t have the tortillas for tacos. But all in all, this has been pretty easy to prepare and follow.  Next week my goal is to have all the green smoothie stuff separated in freezer bags ahead of time! 
I’ll post recipes next week!! 

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