Episode 4: The older I get, the less I know…. what I wish I could go back and tell my ‘non-parent’ self….


Loving motherhood/parenthood doesn’t always come naturally.

Breastfeeding isn’t easy.

Waking up every two hours to take care of another human being isn’t easy.

Just because you (I) hate(d) being stuck at home with your (my) kids doesn’t mean you (I) should work outside the home. Learn how to be creative, think outside the box, make it fun. Your kids only have one mom, no one else can take your place. You’ll have decades after they’re grown to do other things, and by that point you’ll have perspective to make it much more fulfilling.

How someone else lives their own life should never impact the choices you make in your own life. Don’t get caught up in other people’s drama. Don’t base your perspective on what someone else tells you it should be, just be you! You’ll judge people all the time, the challenge will be to love them anyway, and realize you’ll never understand fully why someone does whatever they do.

Chocolate isn’t a sin…. ever.

Be a lover and a wife first! Then a mom. Let your children see you prioritize and support your husband over them.

Marriage to the right person is always going to be full of challenges and heartache. You’ll say and do stupid things to each other, the key is to grow from it, and let it change you. Always be getting to know the new you and the new him, because you will not stay the same as when you got married! You’ll both evolve and grow, and appreciating that is important.

When you’re green you’re growing, when your ripe you’re rotting. Never stop learning and growing. You won’t know how to be or act in every situation.

Take that much needed time to reflect and rebalance!!  You don’t know anything until you know everything, so just chill and smell the roses for a sec! Not everything needs to be perfect, nor will it be.

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