Episode 5: Finding Happiness in Motherhood: The Love Of Learning

Being a mom can feel terribly thankless and overwhelming.  This is a job you have to find fulfillment in ALL on your own.  Of course, almost ANY profession calls for some inner reflection from time to time, but the world doesn’t really allow for encouragement to stay at home moms, and it most certainly doesn’t glorify it as a worthwhile use of an educated woman’s time.

Whether you are at home full time or part time, feeling like you are making a difference, finding a sense of purpose and satisfaction can be challenging. Between the diaper changes, the spit up, the night terrors, the tantrums, and the endless debates with children who still refer to Barney as if he is a real dinosaur, one can find themselves wrestling with who they are on ALMOST a daily basis…

Figuring out WHO you want to become, and HOW to become that person… they don’t teach that in college.  This is a totally on-the-job training type of thing.  No matter who you are, those things cannot be taught, they must be sought and learned by each of us individually!

Don’t be overwhelmed though. No matter who you are, what you want to accomplish, I promise there are people out there that have accomplished tasks that you desire to accomplish in your life. So FIND THEM and DO WHAT THEY DO!  Never stop LEARNING, never stop GROWING, and never stop being TEACHABLE! The difference between a hot mess mom and a mom that ‘appears’ to have it altogether, is the internal belief that the world is or is not ending if all things don’t go according to plan.  I switch between these ladies from minute to minute sometimes!  Days where I am literally sweating from sun up to sun down that the world will end if x, y, z is NOT accomplished…. followed by days where I throw my hands up, totally understand what is realistic to expect at this stage of my life, and fully recognize I cannot completely control the outcome of life while raising unbridled INDIVIDUALS….

So hang in there, you’re not alone, but if your run down, hate being stuck at home, and feel like you’ve lost yourself…  then don’t stop and give up!  Find a way to rise above your circumstances and TRULY love yourself from the inside out.  Figure out WHO you want to be, REGARDLESS of your circumstances.

Thanks for reading!  I hope you enjoy the podcast!

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