I am a total MESS when it comes to hearing the stories of others that are in the same shoes I USED to be in.  Depressed, unhappy with my body, tired, in PAIN… The list goes ON!!!

AlmostAtMyGoal!I was 24 (On the left), a total wreck, and I could barely keep up with my first two kids.  My husband had to take days off work because I was in too much pain and too depressed to function.  My body was on overload.  I didn’t know how to get out of this cycle.  We couldn’t afford a gym membership, and I didn’t trust myself to follow through any workout from home programs.  So I let my Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred collect dust on my shelf for TWO YEARS and finally I committed myself to FINISHING that stupid 30 days! I moved on to a more expensive program, and joined a SUPPORT group to help me follow through, and then I was HOOKED!  I realized that what I had been missing was the SUPPORT! I couldn’t afford a gym or personal trainer, but I could save a few pennies and buy a workout program.  When I finally invested in my first Beachbody program (Chalean Extreme), the results CAME (pic on right – I had my third child between these photos, they are BOTH 5 months post partum and about 18 months apart)!  The ONLY difference was being a part of a COMMUNITY working just as hard as I was!

Fast Forward to today. I now organize these small groups, and create that same environment for others in similar shoes as I was!

NEXT WEEK I am going to host a small SNEAK PEAK into what I DO as a Coach. For those of you interested in learning how I earn money helping others achieve their goals (if you are opposed to this, it is no different than a personal trainer earning income based on their passion and expertise – I am not a trainer, just a Coach!), how I earn FREE customers, my programs and Shakeology, discounts on cool stuff, awesome trips, AND how I stay on my own journey and don’t have to be a FITNESS MODEL to achieve success as a Coach, DON’T MISS IT!

Click HERE to reserve your spot in my 5 day SNEAK PEAK INTO COACHING. TOTALLY RISK FREE!  No obligation to sign up or join, just INFORMATION!  Fill out the form and write “COACHING SNEAK PEAK” in the comment section!

**NOT for those currently working with another Beachbody Coach!  Talk to your own coach DIRECTLY to learn more!

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