Welcome To The World Baby Jack! Baby Number 6! 

I guess it’s only appropriate to start at the beginning. Not the moment my water broke, but the beginning of how you entered the outside world and started becoming a part of our family. 
I’ve known you were ready for our family since I was pregnant with your older brother. I saw you two in a dream together. And I just knew you were ready to join in the fun! So when you’re sisters were born we knew we weren’t done having babies. As much as I wanted to be done, you kept reminding me you were ready and waiting for me to follow the plan we agreed upon before I came here. 
When I had my miscarriage before your older sister, Juliette, I worried it was you. But you let me know during Juliette’s pregnancy that you were still there, still waiting for the right moment to come down. So we decided, even before your sister was born, to let you come as soon as my body was ready for you to come. We prayed, we worked on improving our marriage and family, and we worked on creating an environment you would feel safe coming down to.

On Mother’s Day in 2016, I felt like your time was very close. And on Memorial Day, your brother Declan told me you were growing in my tummy. He couldn’t tell me what you told him, but he said, “My brother Jack is in your tummy, Mommy.” So the next day I took a pregnancy test and you were there! When I had taken one the week before, when I first felt pregnant, it was negative. So when your brother had told me you were in my tummy, I didn’t believe him! 
So we told our families a little while later, and started preparing for your arrival! It was a wonderful time for our family! We didn’t know for sure you were a boy, but everyone was determined that you were! Your siblings walked around calling you Baby Jack, so whether you were a boy or girl, Jack was going to be in your name! On August 19th, we found out that you were indeed a baby boy!! We had a mini celebration for your gender reveal and everything! Oh, we couldn’t wait to meet you! 

The next few months of my pregnancy with you flew by! We worked out all the time, went on a trip or two, had some fun around town, at the zoo, six flags, got sick of all the comments about how no one else could imagine doing what I was doing in having my sixth baby…. you know, the usual stuff! We talked to you all the time, especially Lacy, she loved talking to you and hugging you through my belly! All of your siblings kept reminding mommy about how big her belly was getting too! 

Then, on your father and I’s anniversary, you decided to start giving me a run for my money! You started showing signs that you wanted to come out early. For the next four weeks you would try your hardest to greet the world, and I would try my hardest to keep you in!! I just needed you to stay in until you reached the safe point, which was anytime on or after January 21st! 

So, naturally, at 3:30 AM on January 21st, 2017, you broke your water bag, and I thought you were going to come fast! But, after all that working hard to keep you IN, I was struggling letting you OUT! I’m sorry I was so nervous and resisted letting you just come out right away! I was so nervous you weren’t ready yet, and all of your siblings had just had a cold, Juliette was still sick, I wanted it to be safer for you. You were three weeks early you know! I worked really hard to be OK with you coming, and I worked hard to get my labor going faster! But it took us ALL DAY to make it happen! You weren’t born until 5:55 PM!! 

You were the hardest baby to bring into this world, mostly because I was so nervous, but also because you were wearing your cord like a shoulder strap. But you still came pretty fast! And we had you in the water!! That was fun! You got to swim into the world! You didn’t want to cry at first, it took us a few minutes to get you to really let us know you were outside my belly!! But you sure let us know! After almost two weeks, you still don’t really like to cry. You’re such a sweet boy! 

I am really sorry I didn’t calm down the first few days! I spent way too much time worried about you getting the cold everyone was just getting over, that it took me several days to just relax and breathe you in! I’m so happy you are here with me, and I’m so happy you are healthy! You are such a light in our lives! We are all so in love with you! We’ve been so excited for you to join our family, and your siblings snuggle on you every chance they get! They barely let your daddy hold you! 

I love getting to know you! I love how you’re a little pig when you eat and you are an expert at nursing! I love how you snuggle into me and just calm right down when I hold you on my chest, I love how much you need me and how much I want to fill your needs. I love how much joy you are bringing into our family! As exhausting as these first few moments of your life are, I wouldn’t trade it for anything!! I love you, Jack! You’re going to do amazing things in this world 😘 and I can’t wait to watch you grow! 

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