Growing Up

I’ve had three babies in a hospital, four at home, an epidural, Pitocin, long labors and short ones. I’ve homeschooled, sent kids to public school, been in therapy, more than once… I’ve been vegan, vegetarian, I’ve eaten ‘cancer’ food and healthy food. I’ve had periods of intense emotional stress, and periods of clarity where I helped others through their emotional stress. I’ve gone from knowing ‘everything’ to knowing NOTHING. I’ve been prideful, I’ve been humble. I’ve loved, I’ve resented, I’ve hated, I’ve grown, I’ve forgiven, I’ve let go. I went from self conscious to self confident. I’ve learned not to judge a book by its cover, to give the benefit of the doubt, to not be so picky or particular with how you receive. I’ve learned the many faces of service at different stages of life. I’ve seen and born life, I’ve grieved through a loss. I’ve worked, I’ve been a stay at home mom (never a ‘work outside the home’ mom – so I know nothing of that struggle). I’ve had all my babies close together and learned patience, tolerance, falling short, and overcoming hard things. I’ve gossiped, I’ve been gossiped about. I’ve learned the very REAL power of the adversary… 

Most of all, I’ve learned about God. I’ve learned grace. I’ve learned faith. I’ve learned repentance. I’ve learned LOVE. The PURE LOVE OF CHRIST. And although this is not all unique to me, this has been my journey so far… 


This is growing up. 


#growth #change #life #perspective #motherhood #growingup 

** This post is from my Instagram @fit_mom_ashley I feel this so strongly today. Adult info is hard but wonderful! 

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