Essential Oils

Ok, So I am still relatively new to the world of Essential Oils.  I have only recently come from the thinking that they were just smell good fluff or snake oils.  I had no idea they actually improved anything.


I broke my foot. I broke my foot, y’all. I was coming down the stairs and tripped holding my baby and to save him I twisted in an unnatural manner and my foot snapped like a twig (broke the 5th metatarsal clean through) and I severely sprained my ankle.  IT. FELT. AWFUL.

About a week in, pain still excruciating, I needed pain killers but I was nursing and ibuprofen wasn’t doing the job and my stomach was for sure getting an ulcer from all the 800 mg ibuprofen I was taking.

Cue in, a sad FB post about my woes and a friend posting an essential oil remedy using equal parts frankincense, marjoram and lemongrass.  They call it…. the morphine blend. Now, I had experience with morphine when I first broke my foot. I knew the pain relief that came from that beautiful, yet dangerous, narcotic.  I couldn’t nurse for 24 hours after I had it because it isn’t good for babies (in case you didn’t know), or people for that matter.  I digress…. get used to it.

So I went on a whim and decided to apply those oils directly to my foot (diluted is recommended), I was desperate and severely nauseous from all the ibuprofen.  Within 10 minutes, it literally took the throbbing away and the pain was bearable. The next time I applied it, a couple hours later, same thing, but this time the pain was less intense.  It was GLORIOUS!  I was hooked, but this time I decided to put the oils together properly. 10-15 drops each in a 10 ml roller bottle and fill the rest with Fractionated Coconut Oil (or Jojoba, grapeseed, or your carrier oil of choice).  I would apply it to my foot whenever I felt pain or throbbing and the pain would go away or at least be bearable.

This and many other stories like it have made me consider this health ‘fad’ a little more over the last year.  I don’t know how these oils work with everyone, because we are all so different, but there you have it.

Now, if my kids get a bump on the head, or when my nephew broke his leg, my daughter broke her arm, or my baby gets a throbbing ear infection (we also use basil) we whip out the morphine blend.  This stuff works y’all.

I borrowed this image from a friend, that is not my FB page.

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