Episode 6: Surviving When Life Get’s Hard

Podcast note: I DID NOT EDIT my podcast.  I would never have gotten it out to you if I had.  So enjoy the ‘ums’ and my 3 yr old hanging out with me in the background. You’re welcome


Time moves differently when you’re raising kids! Life is no longer lived by the day, but by the moment. Each moment and phase brings growth and learning.

Sometimes you have to eliminate everything from your life. Sometimes it is hard to know what is still serving you. Sometimes even the things you enjoy seem to be like work.  Take it all out.  Every single extra thing.

Then slowly add back in things that you love and bring you joy ONLY. Add only one thing at a time.  If you are a mom, that includes for your entire family.  The world won’t stop spinning.

You are not perfect! You were never meant to be perfect in this life. Perfection would take your need for God away, and we NEED Him in this life.

It is wonderful to be different. Embrace it!  Be unapologetically you.  Be authentic. Be confident. It is ok to lower those expectations. You don’t need to stress about what you aren’t good at.  Just be you, and LOVE IT!


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