My Favorite Kitchenware and Gadgets

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Ok, so I have taken on minimalism… but with a twist!  I don’t consider myself a minimalist.  I am a SEMI-minimalist!  Here are some of my favorite kitchen items that have made cut after cut after cut!

The Soup Bowl of Soup Bowls
I love these because they are deep AND they stack really well. I prefer them over the smaller version mainly because I don’t have to get seconds, and I don’t love soup or cereal slopping over the sides.

My little ones however… they have to use these silicone ones. And we love them too because they stack really well and are super easy to clean! Ever made an egg sandwich? Ever scrambled an egg in a bowl and microwaved it? Then had to clean it? Ya, these not only stand against sticky, scrambled egg, they come out perfectly shaped for bread. Win.

The plates.. why not just get the set?? We don’t want the extra little plates and the little mugs that are too small to really even hold an appropriate amount of liquid. Since we are avoiding the extra clutter, it is worth the extra to get it all separately. Sanity has to be worth something. Just sayin’.

For our cups. We aren’t totally ready to replace them with stainless steel yet, but we are getting there! So far we are pretty sure we want these… They need to be stackable. But we haven’t totally narrowed down other features, except they have to be pint size at LEAST. For now I just use a stainless steel water bottle.

Then we just use our stainless steel silverware from our wedding, and I am pretty sure our cookware is from our wedding too now that I think about it. A couple hand me downs. But for sure you need TWO (or three) spatulas. One silicone plastic and one stainless steel, and possibly one wooden! I promise! We can’t pair down to one because of how often we need one or the other!

Other gadgets we can’t live without:

Strainer spoon (we don’t have a pasta spoon anymore)

Wooden spoon

Wooden flat edge spatula

Large Serving spoon

Large silicone spatula for baking and just about everything else

Tiny silicone spatula for getting the last bit of pudding out of the blender!

Large Whisk, we use a fork instead of a small one

Can Opener

Garlic smasher (seriously, you can’t live without this one)

One large and one small cutting board

One serrated large knife

one large sharp knife

Use steak knives for the rest.

Kitchenaid Mixer

Vitamix or Blendtek

Kitchenaid food processor (I am not convinced on this one yet but it is the only way I can make cauliflower rice right now)

Crockpot or slow cooker

Rice cooker! This is a MUST!!!


ONE set of measuring cups and spoons

Don’t stock your cabinet with MORE Tupperware than would fit in your fridge all at once! But if you are into meal prepping go for THESE!!

For pots and pans we went with something that could make a big meal for our entire family.

One large sauté pan

One smaller sauté pan

One large pot for pasta

One medium pot

One small pot for tea or boiling a couple eggs. ( I keep meaning to get rid of this one but it comes in handy for our double boiler)

We prefer the Pyrex dishes to store food in the fridge and we like the snap ware tops, but those tops give out after a while. My favorite one so far is this one (this is the whole set, but we only got one to try it out).

We also have a 13×9 baking dish

A couple texas sheet cake pans

2 pizza pans (family of 8 here)

2 bread pans

And some basic plastic kid cups

This is a good start!

I am sure I am forgetting a thing or two!

I will update this with more as I think of it! I just wanted to get this out there before I forget and because several people were asking!

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