What is a Momcation you ask?? It is a vacation for moms. Short. Simple. Necessary.

This isn’t just any group of moms though. This is your TRIBE.  The people who accept you for who you are and love you. They don’t gossip about each other except to admire and praise each others’ awesomeness. Your relationship is based on mutual respect and the common goal to just be a good person and a good mom. Your lives will likely look very different, but that is what makes you stronger as friends.  You support each other to be the best people you know to be. They don’t HAVE to live in the same city or state to be in your corner either. They are your favorites. You also probably have a group chat with these ladies, and keep up with each others lives!

My tribe looks like this.  We all live totally different lives, come from different backgrounds, have different marital statuses, political opinions, and religions. Some work, some stay at home, but we all have one thing in common, we want to be good people, we want to raise good kids, we want to be happy, and we want to make the world a better place.  

We all came together through a common goal, to get our bodies back to strong and healthy and have more energy to keep up with our kids. We met on a Facebook Group devoted to helping moms using Lindsay Brin’s Moms Into Fitness workouts. From there, we created a sub group to talk about being moms of littles. Cuz it is hard, and we all needed some help and support being mamas!  Then we talked about meeting up. Then finally, after creating yet another subgroup, some of us did, and we have met up every year since.

It has been a blessing to all of us who finally decided and committed to meet in person that very first time (Although I missed the very first trip because I went to Hawaii to help my sister with her brand new baby)!  It has for sure made the ups and downs and changes of life as a mom much more bearable. Our group has the best people!


The Wise One – The one with the sound advice, she has a wonderful perspective on marriage, happiness, and motherhood. Having had a life of experience and learning, she has a way of bringing so much perspective when we are navigating through the complexities of life.  She will always be on your team, she wants everyone to achieve happiness and makes sure we know we deserve it! She will be the first to be excited with you, and the first to sit with and help guide you through whatever trials life throws at you!

The Decision Maker – The one that has the best ideas, loves to travel, knows how to make sure everyone gets what they need out of these trips, she loves to have a good time, and makes sure everyone else does too.  She also doesn’t mess around, she won’t tolerate mediocre, and makes sure we have quality service wherever we go! She is very level-headed and a hard worker. She prioritizes these trips and makes sure they are planned well!

The Happy One – The one that, despite all of the trials in her life, finds a way to smile, laugh and find joy.  Through adversity and trials she still finds time to be thoughtful, support everyone around her, and make everyone around her feel important. She loves being a mom, and finds so much joy in it! Her smile and enthusiasm is contagious!  She loves her family! She is a trooper too, with a broken toe, she still traversed through airports and Uber drivers and sightseeing on a knee scooter to spend time with us! She loves us!

The Story Teller – The one that is so giving, full of admiration and full of love for others.  She tells the best stories, she is a fitness enthusiast after my own heart, she makes everyone feel thought of and included.  She is charitable and a hard worker. She is patient and not only amazing at sharing intricate details in her own stories, but remembers all of ours as well!   She communicates so so well, and teaches all of us how you can be such a loving a devoted mom and partner. She doesn’t settle, she is always working hard to get the most out of life with respect to the stage she is in.

The Climber – If there is anyone in our group that has had to rise up and find ways to push through, it’s her.  She deals with more physical pain than anyone I know to fight for the active life she loves! As a result, she doesn’t give up, she loves nature, loves to explore, and is so easy to talk to (as are all of these wonderful ladies).  Because she has faced a lot of physical setbacks in the past, she has an appreciation for what she can do and a gratitude for her body that is contagious! She motivates us and inspires us to push beyond our physical limitations and enjoy what our bodies can do!  Plus, she will hike almost anywhere for a great picture!

The Easy Going One – She doesn’t need a lot to make these trips worth while, she is so easy to talk to, so patient, and she keeps things entertaining!  She isn’t afraid of just going with the flow. Side note: She also doesn’t toss and turn, which when you are stuck on a king size bed, pregnant, and she is pregnant too, you can get more sleep than next to your own husband! Haha!  This girl makes me laugh! She has been down a tough road, and can still make me laugh, she’s awesome!

The Fighter – Much like me, this girl is fiesty. She has the biggest heart, and when she is in your corner she will fight for you.  She doesn’t settle. This girl knows what she wants, and she fights for it. She loves her children fiercely. She is on an amazing journey to find true happiness, and she deserves it!  She is so easy to get along with! She is spunky, good-natured and sweet, a perfect combo! With a lifetime of making others happy at the expense of her own, she is finding her value and worth and getting the most out of life!

The Survivor – She had to take a few years at home to beat the worst disease in the world – cancer.  She is a fighter and survivor. I can’t imagine fighting cancer with little ones at home. She has done it gracefully.  She is an amazing example of how to stay positive through it all, and I am sure she had plenty of struggles through the process. She is sweet and respectful and loving. She loves her family so much, and considering what she has been through, has such an appreciation and value for her time with them!  

The Thoughtful One – I like to think that I add some thoughtfulness to the group, but the truth is we are ALL thoughtful and respectful of each other.  I don’t know what all I contribute to the group, but I try hard to give back to them what they give to me.  I find myself learning so much more from these moms than I feel like I can contribute.  Maybe we all feel that way.  One thing I have learned, if your friends don’t push you to strive to become better, you need new friends. I can safely say, I am in good company, these ladies all help me strive to be a better wife and mom without that feeling of inadequacy that comes from when we compare ourselves to others.  I know I am good enough as I am, but, when I am talking with these ladies, I feel the motivation to improve because I know I can!

True Friends

These are my people.  They come from all walks of life, and that is what makes this group so special. Our differences bring us together.  Everyone needs to find their tribe. How wonderful that we live in a day and age where we could all find each other.  We live all across the United States and that hasn’t prevented us from being there for each other!

If you are a mom, I encourage you to find your people. Hang on to them!  Respect them. Honor them. Be there for them, just as they will be for you! Be sure to sneak away with them once in a while!  Go on your ‘Momcation.’ You NEED it!  Let your family take the kids for a few days, you will come back better, and they will love you for it!

Motherhood is so hard, yet so rewarding, and, with the right support system, you can embrace and survive it!

Find your people. Find your Tribe.

– This is for my #momtribe

– This is for me.


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