Mom Advice: Just Keep Smiling :)

I know it is hard to find the strength to smile when life feels like a never ending string of demands, but keep doing it.

Hold your head up in confidence even if others think you should be doing it differently. You are doing your best. Believe it. You ARE enough.

It is OK that life is crazy hard sometimes, you will need help from time to time, or all the time, who cares, get it!  Embrace the crazy! But don’t be stupid and put all the work on your own shoulders. It takes a village. Seriously.

If you keep an open mind, you will soon see ways to enjoy the journey you are on.  There are things you can smile at every single day. You can find something to be proud of and to be happy with if you look for it!

Don’t become calloused. This is a tough one, so many toddler tantrums, judgmental people, work, work, work. These moments are just that, moments, don’t let them take over your sensitive and nurturing nature.

See the best in people.  We are all imperfect. Assume everyone is giving their best, and you will begin to see past flaws, and be able to look through the lenses God sees through. You will find love for yourself and others that you didn’t know you could feel.

Don’t let cynicism take over.  That is it. Don’t give in. Don’t read into what others do and say, don’t assume you know better than so and so, don’t get caught up in the gossip and complaining and the venting (it is OK to get things off your chest, don’t dwell on it or seek retaliation or justification for being a brat, OK? OK…).

Build in a rest day EACH week so you can recover from trying to be on your “A” game which you should know by now is impossible when raising kids…  You gotta take a break and let the world keep on spinning without you. You shouldn’t be so over scheduled that you can’t be missed once in a while.

Ignore the pressure to try and keep every single minute of your day scheduled in the name of ‘providing opportunities for your children.’ They need opportunities, yes, but what they need more is you and your time. Trust me, they’ll have plenty of opportunities in their life, and you can still carve out plenty of time to just BE with them without running from one thing to the next.

Understand your limits so you know when it is OK to run from thing to thing, and when you need to take a step back and eliminate the extras in your life that aren’t getting you anywhere.

There will be seasons where you are busy, but make sure you have a season where you retreat back into your family unit and do things that help you grow closer to each other!

Make quality TIME with your family a priority, because without it, life doesn’t really have purpose and meaning.

Treasure it.

Protect it.

Show them they matter enough,

If you are still a mom to little ones, you may not know this, they are growing so fast it will be over in a blink.  The days may be long, but the years will move swiftly.

Don’t let these precious moments pass you by.

You’ll never regret the time you spent with your family, you’ll only regret the time you didn’t.

Now, go make some memories, take a breathe, ignore the mess, and don’t forget to smile.

— This is for my #momtribe

— This is for me.


I began writing these to myself. So this is a little peek into what I tell myself at the end of a day that felt a little crazy. I am trying to remember to stay IN the moment.  Having six little kids is amazing and fun and never dull! There are times, many times, I question whether I am doing it right.  What I am finding is, that with hope, faith and a lot of love you at least can’t get it WRONG! Haha!

Of course, I am still working hard, trying to improve my faults, and trying to bring my best to the table for these little ones, but I still struggle with yelling, overreacting, over worrying, etc… I am not perfect, I stopped trying to be a LONG time ago.

When I finally accepted the kind of mom I am, we ALL started getting along better, life got a little easier, and I started to find joy in being a mom. This is when it became less about the work and more about the relationships.

Our marriage isn’t perfect either! One thing I am glad our kids see, is that when we don’t give each other our best, we make it right, we say “sorry,” we say “I love you.”  We all make mistakes, it is OK to be imperfect!

One thing that stands out to me right now in my life is that we are intended to go through trial and adversity in life, for this is how God guides our growth in this life, this is how we become stronger.

Just like the tree that grows in windy weather, it’s roots become huge and grow deep, providing a solid anchor for the tree.  It only does this if it grows in resistance.  Cool, huh?!

I am going to start talking about my journey with Post Partum Depression in upcoming posts, and why writing these little tidbits of advice helped me stay focused as I worked through everything.

Thanks for stopping by!


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