Breastfeeding in Public Makes Me Feel AWKWARD

Seven babies.  I have breastfed seven babies; all within the last 10 1/2 years.  The thing I hate strongly dislike the most is breastfeeding in public.  I would rather be cooped up in my hot car than feed my baby with public, stranger eyes staring down at me.  It’s cumbersome and annoying.  I’m being a bit melodramatic, but I prefer to keep myself covered and discreet, but wearing a cover is anything but discreet.

I didn’t have my cover at the park today, and I made the comment to my husband that I wanted to keep my distance from a gentleman seated some distance behind me watching his child on the playground “out of respect.”  My husband scoffed, “breastfeeding isn’t disrespectful.”  When he said that, I felt what so many confident ‘breastfeeding in public’ moms feel, free to feed my baby wherever and whenever she needs it.  I was able to come into the moment of me just feeding and binding with my baby.  It felt liberating to just embrace it.

It totally helps that I have a friend that made this awesome nursing sweatshirt!  I was able to be discreet, and have that moment with my baby.  Nursing clothes are a thing people.

**I have to put a plug in for my friend!! This sweatshirt is so SOFT and comfy! Perfect for a chilly day! The sleeves were a great fit, and I love that it didn’t cut off my arm circulation!! The sweatshirt stretched over my pony tail really well while put it on and took it off. I was able to bring the nursing panel down just perfectly to maintain privacy, and the stretchiness of the material helped me adjust my layers underneath so easily. Can you tell I LOVE this sweatshirt?! It is custom made, y’all!**

Sweatshirt by ItSewLana

I don’t think I will go back to covers as long as I can help it. Ok, ok, just kidding, I don’t think I am fully converted yet.  I do really love that I am getting there though.  I love that I am starting to drown out the world, and just focus on what makes me and my family happy.  I hate to admit it, but I still care how others see me, and others’ opinions still influence me in some ways… few, but some.

Enough about that.  I still feel a little awkward breastfeeding in public… but today, I felt empowered to push through it. Today I am a little closer to completely letting go of what others think, living my life unapologetically, and feeding my baby while I’m doing it!

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