FREE 7-Day Food, Fitness, Mindfulness Challenge

Alright, it hit me this month, I have officially been immersed in health and fitness for over 8 years (longer if you count college, but I wasn’t consistent with anything until 8 yrs ago). The tools that helped me reach my goals (baby after baby) are still a very active part of my life. When I tell you these are LONGTERM lifestyle changes, I mean it!

(FREE STUFF ALERT, if you read this to the end!)

2011 6 months post partum VS 2012 5 months post partum

Pictures above are my results from right after baby 2 to the same point after my 3rd baby when I had first adopted these lifestyle changes. There are about 18 months between these photos, including a pregnancy. (disclaimer: I was also 100% plant based during that transformation… but I ate carbs like nobody’s business.)

2020 – 8 months post partum

Still working on it after baby 7! No longer completely free of animal products, but about 90/10 plant-based. Other than baby weight, my body is strong and healthy, so I can’t complain! Trust the process, and your body will heal and find its ideal shape!

Don’t be deceived! I still have 35-40 pounds before I reach my ‘healthy’ weight on paper and the same weight I was in my transformation above. Actually, I am the same weight in the pink shirt as I am in the white one! Crazy how different weight looks when it is natural vs unnatural (i.e. white = body adjustments through normal life events like pregnancy and birth and nursing, vs pink = unhealthy food addict, stress-eating while chasing two babies under 2).

I digress…. But there is a point to this!

To celebrate, my longterm success in sticking to healthy lifestyle HABITS, I decided to design a FREE 7-day Food, Fitness & Mindfulness challenge**! What’s the catch?? I need your email so I can send you the link directly.

This may be free, but I spent a super long time putting it together, so don’t underestimate it! This could change your life… just sayin’. PLUS, everyone who completes this challenge is eligible for a FREE GIFT!! I like free stuff.

(I can’t tell you what it is because I haven’t decided what it is yet, but I promise it will be good! I will update this when I figure out what would be the most appropriate free gift for a challenge of this magnitude! I will give you a hint though, it will help you continue on the journey we start together!)

Success! You're on the list! You will get your FREE Challenge within 24-48 hours! Be sure to accept emails from! Check your Spam Box!

**Back Story: I did end up with adrenal fatigue (I will devote an entire post series on that one) in 2017/2018 after having so many kids back to back and go, go, go for so long, which is part of my inspiration in creating the mindfulness portion. The other part of my inspiration is working with so many beautiful clients that have had to overcome their own setbacks and negative beliefs on their own journeys. Lastly, I feast on everything I can learn about health and fitness, now you get to see a glimpse of it. A tiny, bite-sized morsel… You’re Welcome!

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