20 Min HIIT Workout

20 Min HIIT Workout

With EIGHT kids 12 and under I am ALLLL about short and sweet!! Here is a simple (but hard) HIIT workout you can add in at any point in your day!

  1. Squat with a knee lift – Make sure you track your knees with your second toe and keep your knees from going over your toes! Do some ankle training and mobility exercises if you struggle digging your heels in to the ground! When you stand back up make sure to balance and tighten your core to bring alternating knees up (one knee up per squat). Only bring one knee up at a time in between squat. As many as you can complete in 20 seconds with GOOD FORM!
  2. Twisted mountain climbers – keep your shoulders LOCKED! Twist at your waist/hips to try and touch opposite knees to elbows. Keep your hips down and get your leg ALL the way back before bringing your second side in! Don’t cheat and bend your leg that is on the ground!
  3. Burpees – You’re Welcome! With a pushup or without, it’s up to you! If you can’t jump, just step out one leg at a time and then back in.
  4. Plyo Reverese Lunges – 90 degrees in both legs! If you can’t jump, just step back. Keep your torso up and your tail bone tucked under you so your hips are straight up and down!
  5. Tricep dips or pushups – If you can’t do tricep pushups, do the dips on the edge of a chair, the further your legs are away from you, the more weight in your triceps!
  6. Russian Twists (or oblique crunches) – If you can’t do a Russian Twist, do the crunches! Make sure you feel it IN YOUR OBLIQUES not in your lower back! Keep a solid core!
  7. Squate Jumps – if you can’t jump do a calf raise between each squat!
  8. Traditional Pushups – SOLID CORE! If you can’t feel this in your chest, your arms are too high and/or too close. Tight shoulders also get in the way of this one!
  9. Power Speed Skaters – Add a weighted row for extra challenge! Jump side to side with speed and power, but MIND YOUR KNEES! Form over Speed!
  10. v-ups, Sit-ups, or crunches – Advanced, intermediate or beginner. If you are doing crunches, add in a pelvic tilt and keep your lower back GLUED to the ground!
  11. Superman Back Extensions – Your core includes your back extensor muscles! Engage them to get your ribs and legs off the ground with your arms in line with your ears. If this hurts that little bone at the front of your pelvis get a towel or mat and us your glutes more!
  12. Side lunge with a leg lift (Alt sides) – side lunge and then jump your lunging leg using your heel to lift it on the way back in! Alternate side to side, and sit BACK and keep your chest UP!

Repeat 2- 3 times with a proper warm up AND COOL DOWN. Drink tons of water, and your probably gonna be sore tomorrow! Comment below if you did it and how many calories you burned!! Share this workout with your friends! Save it, pin it, all of the things!!

Would you be interested in virtual 1:1 or group training, or an online bootcamp!? Send me an email coachashleyhall@gmail.com for more info!

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